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I have the following setup:

   <div id="whatever" onclick="dostuff()">Super Mega Giga Button or Whatever</div>

   <!-- Import jquery and whatever other libs I need-->

        $("#whatever").click(function() { //do something });

Now what I need to do is at some point to remove all the onclick events.

I tried $("#whatever").unblind('click'); but this removes only the event added with jquery, the dostuff() function is still called.

Any idea how can I remove all at once?

P.S. Don't start asking why would some1 have inline onclick and also listeners.

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You can use the removeAttr() method:

Remove an attribute from each element in the set of matched elements.

$("#whatever").click(function() { 
  //do something 
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For simply removing the attribute, undefined's answer works perfectly; however if you wanted to preserve the onclick event handling (perform the same functions as originally placed in the onclick attribute event-handling), without having to explicitly re-bind those event-handlers, then the following might work more easily for you (albeit I wish I could think of a better means than eval() to preserve the functionality):

var aElems = $('a');
    function() {
        var that = $(this),
            onClickDo = that.attr('onclick');
            function() {

JS Fiddle demo.

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