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I'm using randomForest in order to find out the most significant variables. I was expecting some output that defines the accuracy of the model and also ranks the variables based on their importance. But I am a bit confused now. I tried randomForest and then ran importance() to extract the importance of variables. But then I saw another command rfcv (Random Forest Cross-Valdidation for feature selection), which should be the most appropriate for this purpose I suppose, but the question I have regarding this is: how to get the list of the most important variables? How to see the output after running it? Which command to use?

Another thing: What is the difference between randomForest and predict.randomForest?

I am not very familiar with randomforest and R therefore any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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After you have made a randomForest model you use predict.randomForest to use the model you created on new data e.g. build a random forest with training data then run your validation data through that model with predict.randomForest.

As for the rfcv there is an option recursive which (from the help):

whether variable importance is (re-)assessed at each step of variable reduction

Its all in the help file

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No, it's not all in the help file. rfcv(... recursive=T) option still never actually tells you what the individual variable importances are, at any point. So it's totally useless for feature-selection! The only thing rfcv does is estimate CV error as a function of n.var, the number of variables; which is nearly useless. As to using raw feature importance for variable selection, that is full of pitfalls, esp. with highly-correlated variables. So don't rely on either for feature-selection. Use one of the other packages. – smci Jul 20 '15 at 7:09

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