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I have a windows application. I am using axwindowsmediaplayer which is in AxInterop.WMPLib dll.I dont have any problem about playing the videos, but I want to fire an event when the user goes to a specific time by clicking on media player . I looked in the dll files but i couldnt find such an event. Can anyone help me about how can i fire an event when user goes to another time on video ?


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How about the PositionChange event?


A short example:

public Form1()
  // ...
  axWindowsMediaPlayer1.PositionChange += axWindowsMediaPlayer1_PositionChange;

void axWindowsMediaPlayer1_PositionChange(object sender, AxWMPLib._WMPOCXEvents_PositionChangeEvent e)
  MessageBox.Show("The user changed the position from " + e.oldPosition + " to " + e.newPosition);
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