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I'm new with lua but working on an application that works on specific files with given path. Now, I want to work on files that I download. Is there any lua libraries or line of codes that I can use for downloading and storing it on my computer ?

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You can use the LuaSocket library and its http.request function to download using HTTP from an URL.

The function has two flavors:

  • Simple call: http.request('http://stackoverflow.com')
  • Advanced call: http.request { url = 'http://stackoverflow.com', ... }

The simple call returns 4 values - the entire content of the URL in a string, HTTP response code, headers and response line. You can then save the content to a file using the io library.

The advanced call allows you to set several parameters like HTTP method and headers. An important parameter is sink. It represents a LTN12-style sink. For storing to file, you can use sink.file:

local file = ltn12.sink.file(io.open('stackoverflow', 'w'))
http.request {
    url = 'http://stackoverflow.com',
    sink = file,
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It works. Thank you. – websteerr Jul 10 '12 at 13:46

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