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The SPEED network routinely plays F1 races and practice round etc. at o'dark:30 in the morning. I'd like to capture the live feeds to my hard drive. I THINK the feeds are some Adobe format, but Firefox seems very happy to present me with anything but the actual URL of the stream, without which information I can neither get to the stream nor have a hope of decoding it.

So, how does one avoid having to watch the race in the wee hours of the morning and instead spool it to my harddrive. How do I determine the real URL of the feed?

If possible I'd like a gstreamer answer or perhaps ffmpeg, but any old answer will do either for Linux or Windows. Preferred output would be something like MP$ or H264 and MP33 or AAC all enclosed in a Matroska container.

And, no, I can't see any DRM issue here. The feed is broadcast unencrypted and if I were using a VCR I could just capture it.


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Use wireshark to get the URL. It's likely that it's not http and you will need rtmpdump to download it. –  Banthar Jul 10 '12 at 12:30
thanks @banthar, I see the IP address in wireshark but have to spend some time looking for the rest of the url. Wish I was better at wireshark; I never can get a filter to work! –  Wes Miller Jul 10 '12 at 16:16

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