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That is may be a stupid point, but I don't find the solution.

I have a simple model with a class method update_menu and I want that it is called after each save of instance.

Class Category
  attr_accessible :name, :content

  def self.menu
     @@menu ||= update_menu

  def self.update_menu
     @@menu = Category.all

So what is the correct syntax to get the after_filter call update_menu?

I tried:

after_save :update_menu

But it looks for the method on the instance (which does not exist) and not on the class.

Thanks for your answers.

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Make it an instance method by removing self.

# now an instance method
def update_menu
   @@menu = Category.all

It doesn't make much sense to have an after_save callback on a class method. Classes aren't saved, instances are. For example:

# I'm assuming the code you typed in has typos since
# it should inherit from ActiveRecord::Base
class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :name

category_one = Category.new(:name => 'category one')
category_one.save  # saving an instance

Category.save # this wont work
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You're right for the inheritance, I just type it to give the content. However, it is a question of taste ;-) no? to keep the method at the class level instead of the instance level. Since it only updates a class variable. Is there no way to specify that it is a class method in the after_save? You always have to rely on an instance method? –  izambard Jul 10 '12 at 14:04
You're thinking about the problem in the wrong direction. Yes, you're updating a class variable but the callback fires after an instance is saved. It's a callback on an instance variable...not a callback on a class because it's not possible to "save" a class. –  Dty Jul 10 '12 at 15:29
after_save :update_menu

def updated_menu

this will call the class update_menu method

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after_save 'self.class.update_menu'

Rails will evaluate a symbol as an instance method. In order to call a class method, you have to pass a string which will be evaluated in the correct context.

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