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i noticed that when using the URL re-writter out of iis 7.0 that the root url character "~" works correctly but when I re-write the url with the global.asax file, the files no longer map correctly.

Why is this and what can I do to have all the files map properly when using global.asax to re-write urls?

If URL.Contains("/myurl/") Then
end if
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Can you plz post ur Style sheet path.. –  Muhammad Akhtar Jul 17 '09 at 4:10
I agree - can you post the path your page is using to reference your dll? –  Damovisa Jul 17 '09 at 5:29

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Your problem is probably that the resulting page url no longer refers to a valid location.

If the user is going to http://www.yoursite.com/myurl/home.aspx and that page has a reference to a stylesheet at css/stylesheet.css, it will be wrong when the path is rewritten.

In this case, the browser will be looking for http://www.yoursite.com/myurl/css/stylesheet.css, not http://www.yoursite.com/css/stylesheet.css

If your stylesheet reference is relative, you'll need to put a stylesheet reference that refers to the location of the file from the original URL. Otherwise, you could put in a complete path to avoid any problems.

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