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I am quite new to Web Development and ASP.net but i was wondering the following question:

If I declare a static variable on a web page and several users access the same page simultaneously. Is this static variable unique to each user or will it interfere with different users?


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Yes, it will interfere between users, and between concurrent requests by a single user. Avoid static fields in ASP.NET (and most other development) unless you are very sure about what you are doing.

Consider using session-state for what you are doing here, or something as part of the request itself (form data, cookie, etc).

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Is this static variable unique to each user


will it interfere with different users?


You would want to use some other persistence medium, like session state, caching, etc.

Some people use the [ThreadStatic] attribute on fields in ASP.NET so that it is unique for each user, but that is dangerous and should not be done. Avoid this at all costs. I only bring it up in case someone else recommends it.

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Re your edit; a particular thing to mention about [ThreadStatic] is that ASP.NET can process different steps of a request *on different threads - which can lead to very odd behaviour with [ThreadStatic] –  Marc Gravell Jul 10 '12 at 12:57
@MarcGravell yes, that is why I strongly discourage use of it. There is no guarantee that ASP.NET will finish the request with the same thread it began in. Especially with C# 5 / MVC4 on the way, it would prevent taking advantage of the new async / await. –  vcsjones Jul 10 '12 at 13:00

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