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I've made all of my documentation with reST markup in a .txt file and now want to convert it to a pdf. I'm trying to tweak the document class 'sphinxhowto.cls' to get the desired formatting but am having trouble doing so. If I just change the file, whenever the 'make latexpdf' command is run, any change I made is reverted.

But if, to remedy this, I copy the exact text from the document class file and save it under a different name, running the 'make latexpdf' command will generate a pdf with a completely different template, even if I don't change a single thing from the original.

If anyone could answer:

1) why it's reverting back to the original and how this can be stopped (if possible)

2) why an identical copy doesn't produce the same template for the pdf and how this could be fixed

I'd be grateful.


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The behaviour you describe looks like a bug. You can try asking on the sphinx mailing list. – Éric Araujo Oct 8 '12 at 1:10

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