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I have a report and data filtering using aspx (DevExpress component) SpinEditor. So the main problem is that I don't want the default value of SpinEditor to be equal to 0.

I want to set it in such a way to make visible all the records of the report. When I have default value set to 0 no record is visible, because all the records are depended on the filtering using this SpinEditors. Please, let me know if it's posiible and if it is, then how?

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Why don't you set the "value" property? Then that is your default value. So just type:

spinedit1.value = 50;

So it will show you 50 records. I hope I understand you right.

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Not quetly right Alex. In this SpinEdit I don't have number of records on the page. I have in this SpinEdit ID, Name a ns os on and filter my data in such a way. So, by default no record appears, util I set values in SpinEdit. So I was interested if it's possible to make it in such a way, that before sorting data all my records appear. – Marianna Jul 12 '12 at 5:16

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