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can we design an footer like this(see the attached image), images in footer looks like popping out of one layout to another layout.


Could anybody let me know how to design like this and if possible some code examples.


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The best way to reuse the same layout around your application is to use the include directive. Something like this:

<include layout="@layout/my_footer" />

Where my_footer.xml is your footer layout.

In the detail you can achieve that layout using a simple LinearLayour horizontally oriented:

<LinearLayout android:orientation="horizontal">
     <ImageButton android:layout_weight="1"/>
     <ImageButton android:layout_weight="1"/>
     <ImageButton android:layout_weight="1"/>
     <ImageButton android:layout_weight="1"/>
     <ImageButton android:layout_weight="1"/>

You can find further information about reusing layout here:

P.S. Note the attribute layout_weight which give the same width to all your LinearLayour child.

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Let us assume the footer is footer-layout & footer-layout is under body-layout.

Now use a background image which will have 2 rows, the color of the first row must match with the color of body-layout, and the second row of the image will be black color.

Use this image as background of footer-layout & design it with ImageButtons as you want.

This will give you the above mentioned visual effects.

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when the screen size gets bigger the image will be distorted and the same footer cannot be used for different devices. –  Mukunda Jul 11 '12 at 5:35

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