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Basically I want something I can refer people to that covers the main differences to XPath 1.0 ('for' and 'if' statements and the use of sequences), in a sort of 'bluffers guide' or cheatsheet format.

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W3Shools has a good one that should get you started, good old W3C which is useful but dry, and one other I haven't used but I thought might be worth a look.

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I found XPath - Tutorial at Tizag quite useful, also Mozilla XPath Tutorial.

Applied to HTML, I use XPather extension for Firefox (Firebug has increasing support of XPath too).
In standalone, I just discovered Exchanger XML Lite editor (recommended on this site!), and it seems very nice (for XPath and lot more).

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Another XPath 1.0 tutorial: http://zvon.org/comp/r/tut-XPath_1.html#Pages~List_of_XPaths, nice visualizations of resultsets, very appealing.

On the same site, there is an XPath 2.0 Reference, and a hyperlinked xpath-2.0 Functions-and-Reserved-Words-Browser on this page: http://zvon.org/comp/r/ref-XPath_2.html#intro

Parent page of both: http://zvon.org/comp/m/xpath.html

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