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how to add annotation using map quest, am trying to add annotation using samples provided by map quest.but am not getting it, breaking head since 4 days. Actually I found

- (void)addAnnotation:(id <MQAnnotation>)annotation;

in mqmapview.h ,but MQAnnotation is a protocol which contain this method

- (void)setCoordinate:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)aCoord;
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Just out of curiosity, Why do you wanna go for MQMapView instead of MKMapView?

I believe MKMapView is more reliable!!

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because MQMapView doesnt allow turn by turn navigation –  Syed Ismail Ahamed Apr 8 '13 at 5:50
MQAnnotation *ULannotation = [[MQAnnotation alloc] initWithTitle:@"Current Location" andCoordinate:userLocation];

[mapView addAnnotation:ULannotation];

This is how I'm adding annotations with MapQuest. Initialize and allocate a new MQAnnotation with any name you like then just call addAnnotation on your mapview that you want the annotation added to.

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