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I am developing a Java application where I am consuming a web service. The web service is created using a SAP server, which encodes the data automatically in Unicode. I get a Unicode string from the web service.

" 倥䙄ㄭ㌮਍쿣ී㈊〠漠橢਍圯湩湁楳湅潣楤杮਍湥潤橢਍″‰扯൪㰊഼┊敄瑶灹⁥佐呓′†䘠湯⁴佃剕䕉⁒渠牯慭慌杮䔠ൎ⼊祔数⼠潆瑮਍匯扵祴数⼠祔数റ⼊慂敳潆瑮⼠潃牵敩൲⼊慎敭⼠う㄰਍䔯据摯湩⁧′‰൒㸊ാ攊摮扯൪㐊〠漠橢਍㰼਍䰯湥瑧⁨‵‰൒㸊ാ猊牴慥൭ 䘯〰‱⸱2 "

above is the response.

I want to convert it to readable text format like String. I am using core Java.

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What do you mean by "readable text format"? Unicode is already readable. – casablanca Jul 10 '12 at 13:45
You're probably decoding it using the wrong Unicode format. Try UTF8 or UITF16. – SLaks Jul 10 '12 at 13:46
@casablanca:Readable english format.!!! – Shivdattam Jul 12 '12 at 10:18
@dda:I didnt mean to be offensive in any way.... – Shivdattam Jul 13 '12 at 12:36
The way this website works is, when you ask a question, you are expected to "reward" the people who answer, and help you, by voting on the answers, and pick the best one. – dda Jul 13 '12 at 12:40
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If you have byte[] or an InputStream (both binary data) you can get a String or a Reader (both text) with:

final String encoding = "UTF-8"; // "UTF16LE" or "UTF-16BE"

byte[] b = ...;
String s = new String(b, encoding);

InputStream is = ...;
BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is, encoding));
for (;;) {
    String line = reader.readLine();

The reverse process uses:

byte[] b = s.geBytes(encoding);
OutputStream os = ...;

BufferedWriter writer = new BufferedWriter(new OuputStreamWriter(os, encoding));

Unicode is a numbering system for all characters. The UTF variants implement Unicode as bytes.

Your problem:

In normal ways (web service), you would already have received a String. You could write that string to a file using the Writer above for instance. Either to check it yourself with a full Unicode font, or to pass the file on for a check.

You need (?) to check, which UTF variant the text is in. For Asiatic scripts UTF-16 (little endian or big endian) are optimal. In XML it would be defined already.


FileWriter writes to a file using the default encoding (from operating system on your machine). Instead use:

new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(new File("...")), "UTF-8")

If it is a binary PDF, as @bobince said, use just a FileOutputStream on byte[] or InputStream.

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Hi Joop..thanks for answering my question...but when i write string contents received from web service to a file using still gives me unicode characters with Chinese characters...can you please give any further view about this..any work around.. – Shivdattam Jul 12 '12 at 7:23
No problem, see Addition in my answer. I seldom use FileWriter myself, as the app then may use a different encoding on a different computer. – Joop Eggen Jul 12 '12 at 17:21
Hi Joop,Thanks for reply..but i have tried writing to file using FileWriter and also FileInputStream.Its not giving me corect results.And also UTF-8 encoding is not working.I will UTF-16EL encoding and let you know if i get success. – Shivdattam Jul 13 '12 at 12:50

倥䙄ㄭ㌮਍쿣ී㈊〠漠橢਍圯湩湁楳湅潣楤杮਍湥潤橢਍″‰扯൪㰊഼┊敄瑶灹⁥佐呓′†䘠湯⁴佃剕䕉⁒渠牯慭慌杮䔠ൎ⼊祔数⼠潆瑮਍匯扵祴数⼠祔数റ⼊慂敳潆瑮⼠潃牵敩൲⼊慎敭⼠う㄰਍䔯据摯湩⁧′‰൒㸊ാ攊摮扯൪㐊〠漠橢਍㰼਍䰯湥瑧⁨‵‰൒㸊ാ猊牴慥൭ 䘯〰‱⸱2

That's a PDF file that has been interpreted as UTF-16LE.

You need to look at what component is receiving the response and how it's dealing with the input to stop it being decoded as UTF-16LE, but ultimately there isn't a 'readable' version of it as such, as it's a binary file. Extracting the document text out of a PDF file is a much bigger problem!

(Note: Unicode is a character set, UTF-16LE is an encoding of that set into bytes. Microsoft call the UTF-16LE encoding "Unicode" due to a historical accident, but that's misleading.)

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Thanks for answering.Actually i am looking at server side what encoding technique is used.And yes its PDF document sent as attachement through SOAP Web Service.But still i also tried to generate PDF document using Java iText library with above response writing to file..But that also didnt work.If you still got any idea please share.Thanks and Regrads. – Shivdattam Jul 13 '12 at 12:37

This is definitely not a valid string. This looks like mangled UTF-16.


Indeed @Bobince is right, this is a PDF file (most probably in UTF-8 / or plain ASCII) displayed in UTF-16. When Displayed in UTF-8 this string indeed shows PDF source code. Good catch.

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Yes maybe its mangled UTF-16 string...i am taliking with people handling webservice ..but as they are sap people they dont know much about decdoing formats....still thanks for your efforts.. – Shivdattam Jul 13 '12 at 12:57
I put this string in a text editor, told it it was UTF-16, and asked the editor to reopen the file as UTF-8, and whoop dee dah, PDF content appears. So definitely UTF-16. – dda Jul 13 '12 at 15:05

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