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I am trying to get a left hand like panel bar in my application, one much like the OneNote left hand(notebook) panel.

I have been trying to use a VBox with Buttons and setting the rotation on the buttons to 90. The buttons seem to disappear when I do this.

An example of what I am trying to achieve is here:

What is the best way to achieve Vertically stacked buttons like this?

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try putting all the buttons inside an Hbox and then setting the rotation of the Hbox to 90.

Oh and also make sure you rotate around using a point at the center.

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I would create a custom component to do it. I would make each "button" a canvas and display text in it vertically (embedding the font you want to use to do that) - the canvas would have a click event - I would use canvas over a standard Button because it allows more flexibility. In this new component you would have functions to add or delete buttons. I can clarify if it would help.

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