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I want to refresh page when close the dialog? Is this possible? How can I do this? There are links that opens the their own dialog. But When I clicked first time any link, dialog cache it's id, And then I clicked others, link id always same (first clicked id).

Should I refresh the page when close the dialog or Is there another way to fix this problem.

I use codes in below for opening dialog:

@foreach (var item in Model)
       <td>@Html.ActionLink(linkText: item.musteri_adi,
           actionName: "MusteriDuzenle",
           controllerName: "Musteri",
           routeValues: new { sno = item.sno },
           htmlAttributes: new { @class = "open_dialog", data_dialog_title = item.musteri_adi })
       <td>@Html.DisplayFor(x => item.fatura_adresi)

Thanks. And sorry my poor english :)

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You can use beforeClose event to call a function to refresh your page.

$( "#myDialog" ).dialog({
   beforeClose: function(event, ui) {
      // or you can use window.location = 'mypage.html';
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window.location.reload(); does not work. and window.location = 'mypage.html'; is not usable for me because I use external dialog js file so each dialog's pages are different. –  AliRıza Adıyahşi Jul 10 '12 at 14:30
There must be something like this : returnUrl –  AliRıza Adıyahşi Jul 10 '12 at 14:31
you can get the current page in javascript by doing foo = window.location.href. –  Eonasdan Jul 10 '12 at 18:15

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