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I would like to run the following basic procedure within my Maven 3.0.4 project. I have all the basics in place and haven't had any issues but am running into problems on step #3. For some reason the basic solution is eluding me, since it seems like something that should be very obvious.

  1. Run a basic clean/install (without annotation processing)
  2. Request that a site build be run
  3. Before the site build kicks off, run annotation processing on the compiled classes using an annotation processor class that was compiled in the initial steps

I tried setting up the annotation processing goal as follows:


For some reason this doesn't seem to be working. I feel like I'm doing something very, very silly that is preventing it from working.

I am using the Maven Annotation Plugin instead of the basic, Mojo Apt Plugin. I don't mind switching if someone has a working solution with that one. I tried both without any immediate signs of success. Again, it feels like it's just something obvious that I'm overlooking.

Error received:

[INFO] diagnostic error: Annotation processor 'com.mydomain.MyFancyAnnotationProcessor' not found
[ERROR] error on execute: error during compilation
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what specifically isn't working? it isn't running? it's generating an error? you get the wrong output...? –  jtahlborn Jul 10 '12 at 14:34
apologies - I updated the entry with the error at the bottom –  user839487 Jul 10 '12 at 14:38
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My guess would be that the plugin is not including the current project itself in its classpath. The best solution would be to separate the annotation processor into its own (sub-)module if possible. If you can't do that, you may be able to just add this project itself as a dependency of the plugin (using a <dependencies> section under the plugin node).

As a diagnostic note, you can run maven with the '-X' argument to see detailed info about the build. This should show you exactly what is on the classpath when the plugin is executed.

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Adding it explicitly in the dependencies worked perfectly. –  user839487 Jul 10 '12 at 18:06
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