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I have the following javascript

$("h1").text($("h1").text().replace(/([^\s-]{5})(?=[^\s-])/g, '$1­'));

&shy; is supposed to be an optional "-" + <br />, so I want it to be there incase someone enters a very long word as the title so that instead of being chopped off, it is split onto separate lines.

currently, it will change "ThisVeryLongWord" to "ThisV&shy;eryLo&shy;ngWor&shy;d" on the page where it should change it to


(assuming that the word needs to be broken at each spot)

what am I doing wrong?

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Try using html() instead of text(), at least for setting the value.

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Are you looking for this?

$("h1").html($("h1").text().replace(/([^\s-]{5})(?=[^\s-])/g, '$1&shy;'));​

Live demo

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maybe I wasn't clear enough, but &shy; will do -<br/> only if it has to break the word. It will not always break it. see quirksmode.org/oddsandends/wbr.html –  Alex Jul 10 '12 at 15:08
@Alex Ok, it is clear now. I haven't seen &shy; before, and was not aware of it. –  Engineer Jul 10 '12 at 15:11

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