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Can I use Stripe for receiving a one-time payment instead of recurring payments?

If so what settings do I have to make?

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Hey, I am not 100% sure. But instead of making a Customer (which can be charged multiple times) you just make a charge. Take a look at stripe.com/docs/api?lang=ruby#create_charge and stripe.com/docs/api?lang=ruby#create_customer . Also watch railscasts.com/episodes/288-billing-with-stripe –  agronemann Jul 10 '12 at 16:56

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Yes, just use the Stripe::Charge.create method. As the payment method, you can either pass in a card directly or reference a Customer whose card should be charged.

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A 3 year old answer and still helpful... Thanks –  Alfie Feb 11 at 16:31

You can receive one-time payments via the Stripe dashboard. Go to:


and click the button for a "+New" payment. That will let you manually enter the cc info. I do this with my Pairing as a Service clients all the time... they just read me their card info, and I enter it with the amount I'm charging them and a description. Your account password is then required to complete the charge.

It's fast and easy... I just wish there was a way to let them enter the info directly. Maybe I'll make something like that...

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Huh, since it was described as "not coding related", i presumed OP meant he was looking for a way to actually charge someone a one-off payment. The accepted answer appears to actually be coding related after all... Oh well, I tried! –  brookr Oct 19 '14 at 6:35

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