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I am passing the following to my extjs grid. how do i escape if there any quotes inside the varaible.

append rval "'description':'$description',"
append rval "'short_description':'$shortDescription',"
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Well you could use regsub to substitute all the single quotes e.g.

regsub -all "\'" $rval "\\\'" rval  
regsub -all "\"" $rval "\\\"" rval

The first line will place a backslash in front of every apostrophe in the rval variable. The second line will place a backslash in front of every double quote. You have to escape the apostrophe, the double quote and the backslash itself in the regsub command too, hence the triple backslash in the 2nd last argument to regsub

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string map is the simplest answer:

% string map {' \\'} aaa'bbb'ccc
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If you're doing this a lot, it helps to write a helper procedure so that you wrap it up perfectly every time. – Donal Fellows Jul 11 '12 at 9:06

You can use simple javaScript's replace method use it like this and use following regex.

var tempvariable = yourJsonString.replace(/(')/g, "'");

pass this temp variable to your grid it will work fine.

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