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I have a WPF application which has a module for weighing loads. Since the serial port communication varies from one weighbridge to the other, I want to make the weighing module a separate dll.

I am creating a class library where I use the serial port for weighing loads. I need to return back the weight to the main program.

double GetWeights()

 spWeigh = new SerialPort("COM1", 2400, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);
            spWeigh.RtsEnable = false;
            spWeigh.DtrEnable = false;
            spWeigh.Handshake = Handshake.None;
            spWeigh.ReadTimeout = 10000;
            spWeigh.DataReceived +=spWeigh_DataReceived;


But the data receieved is in a different thread. How will I get the weight back in my main program?

 void spWeigh_DataReceived(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e)
      // code here
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Could you not add an event to the library that your main program subscribes to and which is raised by your library, passing back the required data?

In your library:

class YourLibrary
    public delegate void RawDataEventHandler(object sender, RawDataEventArgs e);
    public event RawDataEventHandler RawDataReceived;

    void _serialPort_DataReceived(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e)
        string ReceivedData = _serialPort.ReadExisting();
        if (RawDataReceived != null)
            RawDataReceived(this, new RawDataEventArgs(ReceivedData));

class RawDataEventArgs : EventArgs
    public string Data { private set; get; }

    public RawDataEventArgs(string data)
        Data = data;

In your main program:

class MainProgram
    YourLibrary library = new YourLibrary();
    library.RawDataReceived += new YourLibrary.RawDataEventHandler(library_RawDataReceived);

    void library_RawDataReceived(object sender, RawDataEventArgs e)
        // Your code here - the data passed back is in e.Data
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Thanks for the answer, how do I subscribe to the event from the main program – sony Jul 10 '12 at 15:24
Updated my answer - you'll have to change the names to suit – Graham Wager Jul 10 '12 at 15:30

If the data does not need to be fast (i.e. less than once a second) you could write to a text file in one thread and read from it in the main thread

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