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I want to create an image in php having the data encoded in base64 Use the code: file_put_contents('export/MyFile.png', base64_decode($img)); I read on the browser, but 7483 should be a larger number. if I open the image was created only half (the other half is transparent) if the variable $img contains a short string, it works. if it contains a string too long the image will be created only partially. why?

PS: if I use

$img = base64_decode($img);
$fp = fopen("export/MyFile.png", "w");
fwrite($fp, $img);

I have the exact same problems


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file_put_contents('export/MyFile.png', base64_decode($img));

Should be:

file_put_contents('export/MyFile.png', base64_encode($img));

If you want to encode the image, you can't use the decode function.

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with this change if I try to view the image gives me an error. But I think what is right because with a short string, export the image perfectly ... only when $img has a string of characters should not be long ... – Iacopo Guarneri Jul 10 '12 at 15:23

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