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I want to know AU Responses pushed from server to Client in ZK at client side(i.e in ZUL). Searched alot not able to find any hint :(

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You can either use zAu.cmd0 or zAu.cmd1 depending on your requirement. Refer to processing Au Responses section of ZK Client side reference guide.

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I went through the page din't quiet understand, can you please explain with example? –  user1122857 Jul 11 '12 at 5:39

Using the (global) Clients object you can send responses from the server to the client. Then using already mentioned zAu.cmd0 and zAu.cmd1 javacript objects you can define the functions to process those responses.

At the server side to send a response to the server (Java):

AuResponse response = new AuResponse("myClientHandler", new Object[]{"hello ","world"});

At the client-side for you could define something like (Javascript):

zAu.cmd0.myClientHandler = function (greet, person) { 
    alert(greet + person);
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