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actually i have keep one scrollview. Inside that scroll view I set one textview at run time I want to set text in that textview. The string which I'm going to set is some what big in length so i could not get the string in a single line and i can get my string two or three lines. My scroll view layout width size is 250px. I dont want to exceed that size...My expectation is i want to see that string within that scrollview as single line if the string is exceeds the scroll size then it should horizontally scroll in text view. I tried some functions like setting horizontal scroll to scrollview and textview but nothing is work out. Pls help me how to solve this problem.



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if possible, put the TextView outside HorizontalScrollView –  becomputer06 Dec 28 '12 at 19:19

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for me, this one line in the EditText xml was enough:

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you have to use these two Xml attributes in your TextView widget:



So your xml layout must contain something like this:

        android:text="Single-line text view that scrolls automatically if the text is too long to fit in the widget" 
        android:marqueeRepeatLimit ="marquee_forever"

you can get the correspondant method for these attributes if you are creating Your TextView with code, refer to TextView documentation :

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Take TextView and HorizontalScrollView. Just put textview inside the HorizontalScrollView. And yes make sure to mentioned android:singleLine="true" inside the TextView.

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try this ,,

TextView.setHorizontallyScrolling(true) TextView.setLines(1);

where did you add the textview..Inside scrollview we able to add only one view...

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Thanks for ur immediate response but i try those two ways already but not working man. –  Kumar Jul 17 '09 at 11:13

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