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I have some kind of simple reporting application that reports in HTML. every report have a status (pass/fail) and the differences are in the text color (green/red). the report also works with heirarchy so some of the reports have "parent links". I managed to set the parent's link color from "green" to "red" uppon son's status change to "fail" but currentlly it is being done by reading the file, changing the color in the html and re-writing it again. assuming that I can "know" the color offset, what will be more efficient: the old method or using the RandomAccessFile class? or do you have another idea?

10x in advance!

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after a while, I implemented an own test for this - comparing a whole file writing vs. random access. the rando access was faster 4 times than the whole file writing method. (tested on the same machine, same application, 10000 iterations, each iteration with around 50 writes to the disk, droped highest and lowest 10 precents of the results)

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