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I'm deseperatly trying to make the Admin Bundle For several days now, and I'm stuck at some point. I decided to re-start from the begining.

I've installed all the vendors conrrectly, and now, I can already access the admin dashboard by visiting the url: http://yoursite.local/admin/dashboard. (nothing much interesting in there, only the header.)

So on step 2.2, they want me to Setup the persistence service (ORM, ODM, ...), I don't know what it is used for and, last time, since they say "SonataAdminBundle does not impose persistance service (service for handling and controlling your models)" I've skippedths step..... but maybe I shouldn t have done so ..

Could anyone tell me what it is used for please ? should I use it, why and what for ? Maybe that's the reason why I can't make it work.

Thank You !

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You might want to give AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle a try as well. Less people use it even though it appears to have less bugs and better support. – dan-klasson Jul 17 '12 at 10:01
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You left out an important part of that quote...

SonataAdminBundle does not impose persistance service (service for handling and controlling your models), however most likely your application will use some persistance service (like ORM or ODM for database and document stores)...

They're not saying you shouldn't use a persistence service, they're saying that the choice of which persistence service is up to you (should your app require it, and if your app uses a database, it's safe to say that it will require it).

...therefore you can use the following bundles officially supported by Sonata Project’s admin bundle:
- SonataDoctrineORMAdminBundle
- SonataDoctrineMongoDBAdminBundle
- SonataDoctrinePhpcrAdminBundle

I haven't used Sonata Admin bundle, but it definitely sounds like you shouldn't have skipped this step :-)

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Haha I see, Well I just did, doesn't work better Thus, but at lest, I'm going in the right direction ! Thanks – Miles M. Jul 11 '12 at 14:09

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