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I have an apache instance config'd using SSL. The VirtualHost uses the ServerName directive - which I have pointing to local~host:port. I understand the ServerName "requires" a DNS entry. I do not have the ServerName value as a DNS entry (it is just local~host:port).

The local host is called server~1

I also have a proxypass and proxypassreverse set to

`proxypass /junk/ https://local~host/junk`
`proxypassreverse /junk/ https://local~host/junk`

so, I enter the address of the Apache Web Server as https://appache_web/junk to get to my app. This works. The listening port coincides with the ServerName <Localhost:port>.

While navigating the "junk" website, my url changes to https://server~1/junk/....

So, the issue is the URL is changing, I believe the ServerName directive is internally building the FQHN for server~l.

SO, without creating a DNS entry - is there a way to keep my original URL as https://appache_web/junk versus having is change while navigating to https://server~1/junk/....

Thanks Jim

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Doesn't apache complain about the ServerName directive when you start it up? – Jon Lin Jul 10 '12 at 16:00
Oddly - it does not complain. Everything seems to work. It's just that the proxypass (& reverse) default to the ServerName - or building one if it doesn't match the hostname. – James Saxton Jul 10 '12 at 16:41

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This would be better asked at, but... you probably need to add: UseCanonicalName Off

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