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I working with Telerik MVC Grid and i'm trying to change the button image of a custom column.

                   cmd.Custom("Editar").ButtonType(GridButtonType.BareImage).HtmlAttributes(New With{ .class="btnDelete"}).DataRouteValues(Sub(route)
                                                                                                                         route.Add(Function(x) x.idPedidoDocumentacao).RouteKey("idPedidoDocumentacao")
                                                                                                                     End Sub).Action("DetalhePedido", "Pedido").SendDataKeys(True)
                            End Sub).Width("5%").Title("Editar")

I create a class in my css file:



background-position:0px 0px;


Can anyone help me figure this out? Thks!

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You'll need to override the background image that the button is using. In case of Bare Image, it creates a span like this

<span class="t-icon t-add" />

So you'll need to create a class on your css stylesheet

background-image: ur('yourimagepath');

Be aware that Telerik uses sprites on its icons, so you'll need to override the background position too

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