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I have two QKey press events I would like to compare, one keypress is entered by my "AddShortcut" form, and I want the main form to compare user keypresses with the keypress entered on my Addshortcut form.

Is there a way of comparing both event?

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I'm not sure what you're trying to do exactly, but I will point out the existence of QAction in case you haven't seen it yet. It's the mechanism by which Qt implements keyboard shortcuts and the like:


As for your specific question, the baseline QEvent class does not have equality or comparison operators defined. Equality would be a fuzzy topic in any case (are mouse clicks equal if they are at the same pixel coordinate? What if Ctrl/Alt/Shift are pressed)?

If you just want to test two keypress events to see if they're equal, you can first test to see what the event type is on each using QEvent::type(). If they are both QEvent::KeyPress then you can static_cast<QKeyEvent> for both events. Then you can check to see whatever parts you are interested in are equal.

Obviously there is QKeyEvent::key() but there are also modifiers, the text produced, etc:


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I converted both KeyEvents to their respected string value, then compared. simple enough. –  DoctorDerp Jul 10 '12 at 20:08

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