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I'm trying to write a custom maven-2 plugin and can't seem to find any documentation on reading the settings.xml, and decrypting server entries.

I looked around at some maven dependencies such as maven-settings and maven-settings-builder (both version 3.0.3, which i assume it for maven 3 as i have a problem with a method not found exception on Server.clone()).

maven-settings:2.2.1 has the ability to load the settings up (painfully, you have to provide a path to the settings.xml - is there a factory method to just use the default ${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml?), but i can't find the decrypt API (like the one that exists in 3.0.3):

DefaultMavenSettingsBuilder builder = new DefaultMavenSettingsBuilder();
Settings settings = builder.buildSettings(new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/.m2/settings.xml"));
// i get the encrypted String "{gsfdGJHv69}" 

Anyway, i'm specifically looking for guidance on how to (with maven 2.2.1):

  1. Load the user's settings.xml into an org.apache.maven.Settings object without having to specify the full path
  2. Decrypt a particular named Server entry in the settings.xml file (like you can do in 3.0.3 with maven-settings-builder:3.0.3 DefaultSettingsDecryptor class)

All within the execute method of my custom AbstractMojo implementation

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This github project let's you decode the passwords in a setttings.xml file


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As is always the way, just spending a few more minutes searching and hunting through the source, and answer presents itself...

Digging through the source for how 3.0.3 does decryption i stumbled across the SecDispatcher interface and DefaultSecDispatcher implementation. A quick google on that term brought me to this article:

Which details how to acquire the SecDispatcher through the plexus container. So now i have a way to decrypt, now i just need a prettier way to get the settings, and this is similar to the acquisition of the SecDispatcher - using the container:

Settings settings = ( (MavenSettingsBuilder) container.lookup(MavenSettingsBuilder.ROLE) ).buildSettings();

SecDispatcher secDispatcher = (SecDispatcher) container.lookup(SecDispatcher.ROLE, "maven")

String password = secDispatcher.decrypt(settings.getServer("id").getPassword());

Final gotcha was a problem with the maven-plugin-api and maven-settings pom dependencies needed to (obvious after the fact) provided scope, so they didn't cause ClassCastExceptions between the bundled and runtime container versions

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