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I am new to Augmented Reality, and I was wondering if there was already an existing Framework available for my situation. I want to make an App that scans a non coded image (bottle, pen, phone etc.), and based on the image, sends the user to a specific video.

Is there anything like this currently available? I think this would be more marker based, but I am not entirely sure. Thanks in advance!

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I have used this in my app. I found it pretty easy and it did good work in my app. Its Motorola's augmented reality framework.

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You should use this if you only want a video to show up when an image is tracked: you just drag the video you want over the image you want to trigger it and then deploy it.

If you'd prefer to actually code it within a framework, you can try the metaio sdk, which also allows you use 3D objects for tracking-- i.e you said track an image of a pen, but why not track the pen itself? Tutorials and more info here: metaio sdk tutorial: 3D object tracking tool:

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