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I am trying to set up my app to throw a timeout exception after 3 seconds on the HttpPost. I am performing this request from an ASyncTask. For some reason, even when I give it a domain that doesnt exist, it hangs for about a minute or two and then throws the last exception. How come my Timeout Exceptions are not working?

protected Void doInBackground(String... params) {
            HttpPost httpPost = new HttpPost("http://hgfdhgfdhgfdhfgdhgfdhgfdhfgd.com");
            HttpParams httpParameters = new BasicHttpParams();
            HttpConnectionParams.setConnectionTimeout(httpParameters, 3000);
            HttpConnectionParams.setSoTimeout(httpParameters, 3000);
            DefaultHttpClient httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient(httpParameters);
            try {
                httpPost.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nameValuePairs));
                HttpResponse httpResponse = httpClient.execute(httpPost);
                HttpEntity httpEntity = httpResponse.getEntity();
                is =  httpEntity.getContent();  

            } catch(ConnectTimeoutException e){
                Log.e("Timeout Exception: ", e.toString());
            } catch(SocketTimeoutException ste){    
                Log.e("Timeout Exception: ", ste.toString());
            } catch (Exception e) {
                Log.e("log_tag", "Error in http connection "+e.toString());

            try {
                BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is));
                StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                String line = "";
            } catch (Exception e) {
                Log.e("log_tag", "Error converting result "+e.toString());
            return null;

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Don't call finish there.

Why don't you return null when there is an exception thrown with a particular error message.

In the postexecute method, do whatever needs to be done when the result is null.

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I didn't mean to keep the finish's in there... I threw that in the last minute jut to see if if would finish the activity on the exception. I have edited my post. –  Jeff Thomas Jul 10 '12 at 18:13
Got it working by moving my tasks to onPostExecute. Thanks! –  Jeff Thomas Jul 10 '12 at 18:38
@prince what tasks did you move? –  Hades Jul 12 '12 at 7:08
I set all of my catch exceptions to result = null; and then in the onPostExecute Called the the if (result = null){ –  Jeff Thomas Jul 12 '12 at 16:37

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