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My online whiteboard application has been working previously, but for whatever reason, it no longer works. Now it shows a 503 Varnish cache error as seen here: http://grab.by/eFHG

Do you happen to know where I should start to look to try to resolve this issue?

Thanks! Donny

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Did you find out the reason why your app was throwing 503? –  Joel Handwell Jun 24 '14 at 0:13

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This error means that Varnish had no response (even not an HTTP error) from the backend within the timeout limit.

You can troubleshoot that in many ways :

  • On the backend : do you see requests from Varnish in your webserver log ?

  • On Varnish server : Run varnishlog and check the request process. You should have events in this order : RxRequest > TxRequest > RxResponse > TxResponse. Your problem is between TxRequest (request sent to backend) and RxResponse (response received from backend).

  • On your Varnish server try connecting on the backend using telnet (telnet ). Does it connect ? If it does, try sending a request (e.g. "GET / "). Do you receive a response ?

Probable causes could be : firewall/selinux blocking between varnish & backend, bad varnish or backend web server config (are backend address & port sync ?), webserver stopped, ...

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if using CentOS, do you mind to elaborate more –  Muhaimin Abdul Dec 27 '14 at 2:07

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