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When developing an iOS app one can register or claim an app name by creating an entry in iTunesConnect and supplying placeholder descriptions and screenshots. Is there a similar process in the Android app store?

I'm not interested in squatting on app names. I'm just porting an iOS app to Android and I'd like to have an identical app name.

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I dont think there is an equivalent in the android ecosystem. Here are a couple of suggestions which may not guarantee the name, but may help in some ways.

1) You can publish a bare minimum app with the correct package name (like com.company.appname). But I think the actual app name part will still be pretty open.

2) Another way may be to buy a .com domain for your app (if it is still available). It may sound far fetched but I believe (I may be wrong) people take that into account to avoid getting into trademarks & copyrights issues. If you have an app that is good enough for being published in multiple platforms, then buying a domain makes sense.

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Interesting, thanks. At what point does the app name become "closed" or unavailable to other developers? –  SundayMonday Jul 10 '12 at 20:48
In the android market (Google Play..), it is perfectly ok to have apps with same name. Like I mentioned, only the namespace(package) matters. But developers try to avoid that in almost all cases because their app may not feature in the search result when user searches for a particular keyword (the other older app may show up). A used name could be a TM'd name. Besides, it is plain boring to give a used name for an app. –  Ravi Jul 10 '12 at 21:14

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