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Is there any good control to implement the displaying and navigating between photos in the app, such as Facebook have? Could someone recommend something except Three20?

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If you are looking for (GridView + PhotoBrowser).I would recommend KTPhotoBrowser.Its an open source project hosted in GitHub.I found it very flexible and easy to use.

Heres the link to the project..


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If you need to implement a grid view I suggest to take a look at


Both are open source projects available on Github. So you can see the code and modify a bit to accomodate your needs. Furthermore you can understand how they work.

For the other part of your question, you can create a specific UIViewController (a modal controller could be a valid solution) when you select an image within the grid view. The controller could have a UIScrollView that allows to zoom in and out. Both grid views that you find in the previous list have delegates that allow you to respond to touches (a tap in this case). To implement a zoom controller I suggest to read how-to-display-image-on-iphone-using-uiimageview-and-uiscrollview. Do a search and you'll find other tutorials that could adress you in the right track.

Hope that helps.

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