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I'd like to print a plot with y-error-bars and just plain points. My current Octave script looks like this:

errorbar(x_list, y_list, Delta_y_list, "~.x");
title("physikalisches Pendel");
xlabel("a^2 [m^2]");
ylabel("aT^2 [ms^2]");
print -dpdf plot.pdf

The plot I get has a line, although I specified the .x style option:

How can I get rid of that line?

And the ylabel is in the scale as well, is there some way to fix that?

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One has to set the linestyle:

p1 = errorbar(plot_x, plot_y, plot_error, "~.k");

set(p1, "linestyle", "none");
set(p1, "marker", "+");
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