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I'm using a Twig loop to generate <img src=""> for multiple images. My eventual use of this code is to take advantage of a CDN with base_url in the Framework configuration.

Below is the Twig code :

{% for key, mobj in productmedia.getImages %}
    <img src="{{ asset(path('cropImage', {'filename': mobj.getFilename }),'cdn') }}" />
{% endfor %}

{% for key, mobj in productmedia.getImages %}
  <img src="{{ asset(path('cropImageSm', {'filename': mobj.getFilename }),'cdn') }}" />
{% endfor %}

I would expect, at the very least for there to be some consistency in the output.. but it seems SF2 will sometimes use one base_url and sometimes not use one. Why would this be?

Below is the output.

<img src="" />
<img src="/cri/1/Swimming.SH340_SW340.jpg" />
<img src="" />

<img src="/cri/1/matt-skydiving.SH40_SW40.jpg" />
<img src="" />
<img src="" />

As you can see in the first loop.. some inherit the base_url.. and some don't.. I've cleared all cache.. done all the general debugging steps.. It doesn't make sense why this isn't consistent.

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You can switch to the url twig function, it's the same as path but this one will always return an absolute url:

url('cropImageSm', {'filename': mobj.getFilename })

Further Reference:

Asset() will use the host supplied in the config.yml

                base_urls:  { http: [""], ssl: "/"] }

So {{ asset(path('route1', {'page': 1 }),'althostname') }} would output..

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Thank you Carlosz! There's a reason I want to use path() over url(). Url() does give you an absolute url and Path() will get you the relative url.. But when you use the asset() function, you can dynamically insert base_urls specified in the framework portion of your configuration.yml. I found out my problem was I was missing a % in my configuration file. After I added the missing % my results were what I expected. – JustinP Jul 11 '12 at 16:49

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