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I'm working an commerce with ActiveMerchant and the gateway requires to whitelist a list of IPs. Since the site it's hosted on Heroku and it's a cloud architecture every time you do host will bring different IPs.

A regular POST through the app will be done from many different IPs every time.

heroku run 'curl -X POST -d "test=true" -k' --app=rebill

I been looking trough SSL Endpoint, and looks like the endpoint always keep the same IPs. I been thinking that maybe theres a way to do the POST routing through the endpoint.

Any one knows if such as thing is possible or any other way to accomplish this?

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There's a beta addon which was actually built to solve this problem, proximo:

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That's great but seems to be running privately. – Martin Aug 5 '12 at 10:13

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