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I have large collection of statuses(bool) that are reached by key (address)

the visual should display each status as different control (for example checkboxes, buttons, radios , etc) - each control is provided with the address of the status it will display

for example button1 <- status[55] checkbox1 <- status[81] .. etc

my question is if i put INotifyPropertyChanged on whole indexer(if i do it with indexer) - if one value changes does it update all the controls or only the changed one..

I want only one status change to update only one control - not all of them. Is there a way doing this?

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It will update all, in Silverlight you could construct a notification that only updates one index. I cannot think of any solution which would let you keep that structure, if you map everything to objects with key and value you could internally notify of value changes...

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