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As you can see I have a 'main' folder in which i have When my application starts, it gives user a button. When the is clicked I am trying to do pushScreen(new startApp()); . When I do that I get the error cannot find symbol symbol : method pushScreen(main.startApp)

class FieldListener extends MainScreen implements FieldChangeListener {
    public void fieldChanged(Field f, int context){
         if (f == btnOne){                  
                pushScreen(new startApp());             


public class startApp extends MainScreen {

      public startApp () {  

              Dialog.alert("Coming Soon!");

My startApp currently looks like above

I have read the whole forum here as well as others and fixed a lot of mistakes which I had made. At this point I am at a loss..why I am getting this error.

Thank you

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UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(new startApp()); did it – user1425139 Jul 10 '12 at 21:56

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While pushing your screen to stack, use:

UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(new startApp());

pushscreen is a method of UiApplication class.If you dont refer to this class while using "pushscreen" the compiler surely cant find this symbol...

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try this:

synchronized (Application.getEventLock()) {
UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(new startApp());
}//end synchronized
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