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How can i write a isCaseObject function in scala, so that this works:

def isCaseObject(x:Any) = /* Some Code */

case object aCaseObject
println(isCaseObject(aCaseObject)) //true
println(isCaseObject("not a case object")) //false
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Using reflection (Scala 2.10M4), this can be done as follows:

import scala.reflect.runtime.universe.Flag
import scala.reflect.runtime.{ currentMirror => cm }

object Check {

  def isCaseObject(x:Any): Boolean = {

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All case classes extend Product, so you can use the type system:

 def isCC[A](a: A)(implicit ev: A <:< Product) = a

If you try and call it with a not Product:

scala> isCC("test")
<console>:17: error: Cannot prove that java.lang.String <:< Product.

But you can call it with a case class:

scala> case class CA(a: Int)
defined class CA

scala> isCC(CA(1))
res19: CA = CA(1)
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Although this doesn't prove that it is, just that it can be. – user166390 Jul 11 '12 at 1:25
it only proves that it is a Product, there is no exclusive type for case classes – Jed Wesley-Smith Jul 11 '12 at 1:56

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