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well I get this error trying to use php class FPDF:

FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file (output started at

My test.php

$pdf = new FPDF();
$pdf->Cell(40,10,'Hello World!');

There are no blanks or anything... So where is the error???

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Some editors adds BOM at the start of a file.

View your file in hex and remove it

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OMG!!!... You made my day (night)!!! WOWWWW.. :-) –  user1137370 Jul 10 '12 at 22:40

it is becouse of two reason

1-there is no leading space before the opening 2-are some data has been output before

The solution of 2 reson is go to fpdf.inc.php

and find this funciton

function Output($name='', $dest='') {   

and then in the defination of this function write this at starting


this will clean the previous output.

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For me, it was the deprecation warnings. I added & ~E_DEPRECATED to my error_reporting in my php.ini and rebooted Apache.

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