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I have a program where I need to pass a filename (and location) to the program. How can I do this? I have read the GetOpt doc so please don't point me there. My command line is as follows:

perl myprogram.pl -input C:\inputfilelocation -output C:\outputfilelocation

My GetOptions look like this:

GetOptions('input=s' => \$input,'output=s' => \$output);

Basically I need to figure out how to access that file in a while loop that I have which iterates over the lines in the file and puts each into $_

while ($input) {

...doesn't work. Note that before my file worked fine with:

open my $error_fh, '<', 'error_log';
while (<$error_fh>) { 
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This works for me. Your GetOptions seems correct. Open file and read from the filehandle, and don't forget to check for errors:

use warnings;
use strict;
use Getopt::Long;

my ($input, $output);
GetOptions('input=s' => \$input,'output=s' => \$output) or die;

open my $fh, '<', $input or die;

while ( <$fh> ) { 
    ## Process file.
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Mine dies at: open my $fh, '<', $input or die; Any suggestions? –  rupes0610 Jul 10 '12 at 22:59
@user1488984 Why does it die? Include the error in the die message: ...or die $!. –  TLP Jul 10 '12 at 23:17
@TLP: It is saying "readline() on closed filehandle $fh at: while (<$fh>) { –  rupes0610 Jul 10 '12 at 23:47
I forgot to mention that the while statement is inside a subroutine if that matters. –  rupes0610 Jul 10 '12 at 23:49
@user1488984 That means either you never opened your file handle, or the open failed. If you had or die on your open statement, that means either your file handle is out of scope, or you misspelled the variable name. It's hard to guess without seeing your code. –  TLP Jul 11 '12 at 0:45

Your code seems to assume that you're being passed filehandles, rather than file names. You need to open the files and assign filehandles to them.

# This doesn't work as $input contains a file name
GetOptions('input=s' => \$input,'output=s' => \$output);

# This doesn't work for two reasons:
# 1/ $input is a file name, not a filehandle
# 2/ You've omitted the file input operator
while ($input) {

You want something more like this:

# Get the file names
GetOptions('input=s' => \$input,'output=s' => \$output);

# Open filehandles
open my $in_fh, '<', $input or die "Can't open $input: $!";
open my $out_fh, '>', $output or die "Can't open $output: $!";

# Read the input file using a) the input filehandle and b) the file input operator
while (<$in_fh>) {

I also think there might be another problem here. I'm no expert on Windows, but I think that your file names might be misinterpreted. Try either reversing the slashes in your command line:

perl myprogram.pl -input C:/inputfilelocation -output C:/outputfilelocation

or doubling the backslashes:

perl myprogram.pl -input C:\\inputfilelocation -output C:\\outputfilelocation

or perhaps quoting the arguments:

perl myprogram.pl -input "C:\inputfilelocation" -output "C:\outputfilelocation"
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