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using firebug console in firefox for example when execute this script

$("body").css("border","4px solid red");

it will return an error with message:

TypeError: $("body") is null

same in chrome the error:

TypeError: undefined is not a function

any one knows why? and how to use it?

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Well, obviously $ is not a function so either the page doesn't have jQuery loaded or it is removing the $ variable as a reference to jQuery. After a quick check $ is undefined, jQuery is still valid. They are probably doing jQuery.noConflict() – TheZ Jul 10 '12 at 22:26
jQuery can be used in place of $, or you can define $=jQuery – Julien Ch. Jul 10 '12 at 22:36
@JulienCh. this is the best solution thanks if u can add answer to mark it as the right one – Farok Ojil Jul 10 '12 at 22:39
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In the case of Amazon, only jQuery is defined, not $, you can use the jQuery() function instead of $() or simply define $=jQuery

Note the version of jQuery is an old one: 1.2.6


$=jQuery.noConflict() sounds even cleaner

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$ is not a reference to jQuery at that site.

It does appear as though an old version jQuery is loaded...

You can tell by doing this...

jQuery.fn.jquery; // 1.2.6

Also, keep in mind that consoles are often not a pure environment. If there's no other code using the $ variable, they may take it over.

It appears as though Firebug does exactly that. I'm guessing it's a shortcut for document.getElementById, which will return null if there's no element with the ID "body".

The error is different in Chrome because $ is apparently undefined, so you're trying to use undefined as a function.

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As "am not i am" stated, Amazon either doesn't use jQuery or doesn't alias it as "$".

If you want to use jQuery on a site like that, you can use a jQuerify-ing bookmarklet like this one:


to add jQuery (with the standard "$" alias) to the page temporarily.

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