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I am trying to replace the padding of the body when an element is closed using jquery. But, I am having trouble accomplishing this.

My close button works fine, just trying to figure out how to replace the padding.

Here is my JS:

$('#hide').click(function() {
   $('body').animate({ paddingTop: 45px });
   return false;
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$('body').animate({ paddingTop: 45px }); -> $('body').animate({ paddingTop: 45 });

45px is not a var in js like it is in css, so you either need to use a normal integer 45 or a string "45px".

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Thank you this fixed the problem! – ftntravis Jul 10 '12 at 22:51

your 45px should be quoted

$('body').animate({ paddingTop: '45px' });
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