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I am using a multiple file upload scenario based on blueimp ( and Ruby on Rails GEM Carrierwave. The issue that I am having is that a user can navigate away from the webpage prior to the uploading of files finishes. I am trying to create a way that if the file is currently being uploaded and the user navigates away from the page prior to the uploading finishes then it should return a confirmation dialogue. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

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This can be done with Javascript's onbeforeunload event.

var upload_pending = false;

// ...

// Once upload has started, toggle the boolean flag (in something like
// a click event on the submit button for the form with the file field, 
// making sure to toggle it back after the upload finishes
upload_pending = true;

// ...

window.onbeforeunload = function (e) {
  e = e || window.event;

  if (!upload_pending) return;

  // For IE<8 and Firefox prior to version 4
  if (e) {
    e.returnValue = 'There is a pending upload.';

  // For Chrome, Safari, IE8+ and Opera 12+
  return 'There is a pending upload.';
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Thanks Deefour, this is really good information, but I think that I may have found a solution that requires less work since the BlueImp File Upload script already contains an active status when uploading files. – kobaltz Jul 10 '12 at 23:12
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Added to the end of the form that is handling the file uploading.

$(window).bind('beforeunload', function () {
    if ($('#fileupload').data('fileupload')._active) {
        return 'Leaving now would abort your upload. Are you sure?';
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Accept your own answer if this is your working solution. :) – deefour Jul 11 '12 at 1:24

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