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My Codeigniter system uses multiple databases. I don't need every database on every page, so I load each connection in the model where it's needed, then load the required models within each controller. The profiler does not display any of the queries from these databases when I load things this way.

This is how I load the databases in my models:

$this->Companies_db = $this->load->database( 'companies', TRUE, TRUE );

I used to load all my databases in MY_Controller() ( an extension of the core controller ). When I load them there, the profiler works fine. When I load them in my models, it displays no database queries.

The database queries are being compiled in the method _compile_queries() within system/libraries/Profiler.php. When my databases are loaded in the model, their objects are not loading into the CI object. The code below is the first few lines from the _compile_queries() method and is where this is happening.

foreach (get_object_vars($this->CI) as $CI_object)
        if (is_object($CI_object) && is_subclass_of(get_class($CI_object), 'CI_DB') )
            $dbs[] = $CI_object;

How do I get the CI profiler to display my queries when I load my databases in my models? Or, more specifically, how do I get my database objects to load into the main CI object when the databases are loaded in the models.

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I would get an instance of the CI-object and store your database there, so that is also available to the profiler.

class My_Model {
     private $Companies_db;

     public function __construct(){
           $this->Companies_db = $this->load->database( 'companies', TRUE, TRUE );

           // Pass reference of database to the CI-instance
           $CI =& get_instance();
           $CI->Companies_db =& $this->Companies_db;  
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This worked flawlessly. Didn't have to update any other code in the system. Thanks!! –  T. Brian Jones Jul 11 '12 at 16:38
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