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could someone please help me understand the error here? I think I understand anonymous class construction with traits in Scala. However, when I try to apply more than one trait I get an error expecting ";" or essential end of statement. The same problem seems to apply if I declare a class this way as well (with multiple traits that require anonymous implementation lines of code ? Line Test 3 fails below. Thank you.

class TestTraits 

trait A {def x:Int}
trait B {def y:Int}

object TestTraits {

  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {

     val test1 = new TestTraits with A {def x=22}  //OK

     val test2 = new TestTraits with B {def y=33} //OK

     val test3 = new TestTraits with A {def x=22} with B {def y=33} //Errors: - ';' expected but 'with' 

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Your syntax is invalid:

val test3 = new TestTraits with A with B {def x=22; def y=33} 

A class definition can only have one body and what you are declaring is an anonymous class.

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Many thanks I was confusing this syntax with constructor arguments (each with their own params next to the name)! –  LaloInDublin Jul 10 '12 at 23:31

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