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I make mention of my friends using the Koala, Ruby with Sinatra. I reviewed the documentation and found nothing about it. Remembering that, I do not want to send a message to a friend of mine, but I want mention him with me. My code:

@graph  = Koala::Facebook::API.new(session[:access_token])
@app  =  @graph.get_object(ENV["FACEBOOK_APP_ID"])

if session[:access_token]
   @graph.put_wall_post("title temp", {
   "name" => "name temp",
   "link" => "http://www.site-temp.com/",
   "description" => "I Know temp Description",
   "picture" => "http://site-temp.com/image.jpg"

I added this picture to understand better what I want:

enter image description here

So if someone has, any idea how to do this, let me know. Thanks

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Check out the "Tags" option here in the documentation.

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