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I have some code that I wrote back on, I think, Leopard. There’s an NSButton with an image called DuckIconTemplate.png.

Originally, the button would be rendered with the image rendered with a nice inner shadow, and it would highlight blue when toggled on, because of the *Template name. However, when I build and run it now (very latest OS X version), the image on the button is rendered as-is and there’s no highlight when the button is toggled on.

Here’s a screenshot (left now, right screenshots from before): enter image description here

What gives?

I’ve checked in the debugger and the button’s .image -isTemplate returns YES.

The button is configured as such:

  • Style: gradient
  • Type: toggle
  • Bordered
  • Title: “Duck”
  • Image: “DuckIconTemplate”
  • Alternate image: (none)
  • Image position: image only, centered
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Were you ever able to find the cause? – Michael Teper Jun 20 '14 at 22:09
@MichaelTeper no, I ended up creating images myself. I do believe that these templates will be making a return with Yosemite. – Sijmen Mulder Jun 27 '14 at 11:54

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